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4a Technology Days 2024 - Mon 11.03.24 - Wed 13.03.24

Dear customers, partners and companions, we're looking forward to seeing you 2024

  • Arrival

Mon 11.03

  • Get together
  • Speeches
  • Evening Event

Tue 12.03

Tue 12.03

  • 8:30 am
    Get together (Foyer)
  • 9:00 am
    Welcome Speech
    M. Schwab (4a engineering GmbH)
  • 9:10 am
    Considering the Local Anistotropy in the Simulation Process Chain for Short and Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics
    E. Reinhardt (Porsche AG)
  • 9:45 am
    Creation and Application Effect of MAT215 using IMPETUS for Reproducing Anisotropy in Fiber-reinforced Resin Parts
    Nakagawa (Honda)
  • 10:20 am
    Alu cell can characterization and modelling
    R. Tichy (AVL)
  • 10:55 am
    Coffee Break
  • 11:15 am
    Simulation of manufacturing processes with respect to adhesive curing and residual stress development
    Aubel (Dynamore/ANSYS)
  • 11:50 am
    In-situ characterization of all-cellulose and (-hybrid) composites during fatigue loading
    Delp (TU Dortmund)
  • 12:25 pm
    Development of an automated process for material card calibration of point and surface joints for explicit FE simulations
    Wirtz (DLR)
  • 1:00 pm
    Lunch Break
  • 2:30 pm
    Component characterization as a basis for multiphysical simulation of lithium-ion batteries
    J. Macher (PCCL)
  • 3:05 pm
    Battery modelling in LS-DYNA - an overview of current activities
    Aubel (Dynamore/ANSYS)
  • 3:40 pm
    Mechanical characterization and automated macro-level modelling strategies of Li-ion Battery Cells
    J. Vinkovic (4a engineering)
  • 4:15 pm
    Battbox - Battery Business Reloaded
    J. Ecker (Fill)
  • 4:50 pm
    Comparative analysis of the impact damage detection determined by computed tomography and active thermogrpahy on CFRP
    Gerdes (TU Dortmund)
  • 6:00 pm
    Evening Event
  • Speeches
  • Offcooling
  • Linovis Presentation

Wed 13.03

Wed 13.03

  • 8:00 am
    Advanced analysis of bone microarchitecture and artificial polymer bones using active Thermography
    M. Gschwandl (Ottronic)
  • 8:35 am
    Material and fracture modelling of aluminium components in crash analysis
    Saito (JSOL)
  • 9:10 am
    Obtaining a triaxiality dependent failure curve for polymers just using tensile tests
    S. Conde (Dynamore/ANSYS)
  • 9:45 am
    Modelling structural foams with VALIMAT® under mixed shear compressive loading in LS-DYNA/TBN
    B. Hirschmann (4a engineering) or A. Farahani (esavant LLC)
  • 10:20 am
    Coffee Break
  • 10:35 am
    A new approach for modelling point-shaped multi-sheet connections in LS-DYNA
    Hübner (Dynamore/ANSYS)
  • 11:10 am
    Modelling of anisotropy of anisotropy in metals using the mesoscopic Viso-Plastic Self-Consistent (VPSC) approach
    Kronsteiner (LKR)
  • 11:45 am
    Final words
    M. Schwab (4a engineering GmbH)
  • 11:55 pm
    Lunch Break
  • 1:00 pm
    Departure to 4a engineering Traboch for LINOVIS demo by BUS
  • 2:30 pm
    LINOVIS product demonstration
  • 4:30 pm
    Departure to Sporthotel Royer (Schladming) by BUS

Agenda of Technologydays 2024.

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