Assessment of a reliable cell disassembly, sample preparation and characterization of Li ion battery cells

by J. Petro, S. Sible, M. Morak - PCCL GmbH


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Categories: 2022 and battery testing.

Meeting the targeted climate goals and the associated reduction of CO2 emissions has led to a steady increase in Li-ion battery-powered electric vehicles in recent years. Ensuring and investigating the safety of these storage systems under diverse load effects has led to enormous research efforts in this field. Current battery crash models approximate the battery interior by an equivalent isothermal homogenized medium. However, to better understand the battery cell behavior under such loading conditions, a more detailed consideration of the cell structure and a precise calibration of the material models used, as well as a computational model of the cell is required. The current study presents the first step to achieve this goal; namely, the assessment of currently used methods for cell disassembly, sample preparation as well as mechanical characterization of Li-ion battery cells components. The process from cell disassembly to sample preparation and conditioning as well as mechanical characterization tests is described and discussed in this study focusing on the efforts and challenges encountered to obtain representative specimens and therefore, reliable test results.